Meade Max 20

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The Meade Max 20 Telescope is aimed at the high-end telescopic market. The scope has a MSRP of $34,999 and this is reflected in the build of not only the optic tube but the incredible robotic German equatorial mount.

The precision built mount features a 16 channel GPS, slew speeds of 0.01x sidereal, multiple tracking rates, including sidereal and lunar plus many customised options.

Whilst the UHTC 20 inch optical tube sports a 4064mm focal length and f/8 focal ratio. It also has Meade's usual Advanced Coma Free design.

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  • Advanced Coma Free design
  • Quick release dovetail plate on the MAX Mount
  • Internal Cabling
  • German Equatorial MAX Mount
Specifications MAX 20
Optical Design Advanced Coma Free
Clear Aperture 20"
Resolving Power .228 arc seconds
Focal Length Focal Ratio 4064mm f/8
Telescope Mounting MAX Robotic Equatorial Mount
Primary Mirror Pyrex glass, fine-annealed
Secondary Mirror Pyrex glass, fine-annealed
Correcting Plate/Lens Borofloat
Total Combined Net Weight 519 lbs. without counterweights
Price $34,999

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