Celestron CGE Series

Celestron CGE Series

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The CGE range of telescopes from Celestron is one of their top ranges being described as 'observatory class'. Certainly the specs on these scopes look impressive and they come with the usual GoTo system and Celestron database of over 40,000 celestial objects.

There are four choices within the Schmidt-Cassegrain range, the CGE 800, CGE 925, CGE 1100 and CGE 1400 increasing in aperture and focal length appropriately. Check the 'Specs' section below for further differences in the models.

Celestron make quite a big thing of the portability and stability of the CGE series. The scopes can be broken down into smaller 'easy-to-carry' components and the whole rig can be assembled solo. They claim that the equatorial mount places the centre of gravity over the tripod legs, which is a bit of a redundant claim because if it wasn't the scope would be prone to toppling over. A handy feature is the movable counterweight which allows the user to attach camera equipment to the scope and still achieve a balanced unit.

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  • Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
  • German equatorial mount
  • Carbon Fiber Tube
  • 6x30 finderscope
  • Carbon steel tripod legs
CGE 800CGE 925CGE 1100CGE 1400
Optical DesignSchmidt-CassegrainSchmidt-CassegrainSchmidt-CassegrainSchmidt-Cassegrain
Aperture203.2 mm235 mm280 mm356 mm
Focal Length2032 mm2350 mm2800 mm3910 mm
Focal Ratio10101010.98
Magnification81.28 x94 x70 x97.75 x
MountComputerized EquatorialComputerized Equatorial Computerized Equatorial Computerized Equatorial
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