Review of Meade ETX 60 AT Digital Telescope With Autostar

by Anne Noonan

The Meade ETX 60 at digital telescope with autostar is the perfect educational beginner telescope. It includes an eyepiece that is 9mm, an instruction manual and Autostar, which controls the telescopes computer. You can find the Meade ETX-60 at digital telescope with autostar for under $200 if new.

For precision control the Meade ETX-60 has electric controls that are fork mounted, setting circles, and dual locking mechanisms. The two axis motor drive has tracking with a sidereal rating.

The optics are a achromatic refractor design, with a diameter of 60mm and a focal length of 350mm. The eyepiece has a magnification of 39x, and has multiple coats. At approximately 15 feet is where the focus is adjusted best.

Other features of the Meade ETX-60 at digital telescope with autostar are it is protected with many layers of optical coating, has an achromatic assembly for the refracting optical tube, and an internal system of flip mirrors so that you can observe from a 90 degree observation point or straight on.

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