Gsyker 70mm Telescope

Gskyer 70mm Aperture 400mm Altazimuth Mount Refracting Telescope

The Gsyker 70mm telescope is ideal for beginners to astronomy. The telescope has a 70mm aperture with a focal length of 400mm, and along with its fully coated optiocs, these features will give you a great start to exploring the night sky.

The telescope comes eqiuipped with two eyepieces, one 10mm, the other 25mm for varying levels of magnification between 16x and 120x.

It also comes a smartphone adapter and wireless remote. The smartphone adapter allows you to take images or video on your smartphone through the telescope lens. Simply secure the adapter to your phone aligning with the phone camera lens and then attach an eyepiece to the adapter. The eyepiece can then be attached to the telescope, allowing you to take photos or record video on your phone with the benefit of the telescope's 70mm lens.

A tripod and carry bag also come with the telescope, as well as a convenient accessory tray and user manual.

Gsyker 70mm Telescope Reviews

The Gsyker 70mm is most definitely aimed at the beginner and the telescope should be viewed as a starter scope and not as an option for the more serious astronomer. However as a starter scope, it represents good value usually being available for under US$100.

On Amazon it has managed to gain a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5, however the website Telescopic Watch give it only one star out of five, preferring a Meade 70mm option. They said it was at a similar price point, however the Meade 70mm they mention is priced at US$188 on Amazon, with the 60mm option being similarly priced as the Gsyker at US$99.

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