Meade LXD75 Telescope Series

Meade LXD75 ACF

Meade LXD 75 Details

The Meade LXD75 series offers a wide range of types of telescopes including Achromatic Refractor, and Schmidt-Newtonian types. Here's a full list of the models available.

  • N-6 AT 6 inch Newtonian
  • SN-6 AT 6 inch Schmidt-Newtonian
  • SN-8 AT 8 inch Schmidt-Newtonian
  • SN-10 AT 10 inch Schmidt-Newtonian
  • ACF-8 AT 8 inch ACF
  • AR-5 AT 5 inch Achromatic Refractor
  • AR-6 AT 6 inch Achromatic Refractor

The optics are mounted in precision-machined aluminum cells and encased in sturdy steel tubes. The tubes are closed to prevent image distortion by air currents and to help keep the optics clean.

In the Schmidt-Newtonian and ACF models, there are white water glass corrector lenses to increase light transmission by over 10%.

All models come with a sturdy German equatorial mount using heavy-duty castings and stainless steel ball bearings for precise alignment of the telescope.

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  • Precision-machined aluminum cells and sturdy steel tubes
  • White water glass corrector lenses
  • Individually Figured Optics
  • Pyrex? Primary Mirrors
  • Fast f/Ratios
  • Stable German Equatorial Mount
  • High-Precision Worm Gears
  • High-Precision Pointing functionality
  • Meade AutoStar functionality
Optical Design Newtonian Schmidt-Newtonian ACF Achromatic Refractor
Model N-6 AT SN-6 AT SN-8 AT SN-10 AT ACF-8 AT AR-5 AT AR-6 AT
Aperture 6" (152mm) 6" (152mm) 8" (203mm) 10" (254mm) 8" (203mm) 5" (127mm) 6" (152mm)
Focal Ratio f/5 f/5 f/4 f/4 f/10 f/9 f/8
Focal Length 762mm 762mm 812mm 1016mm 2000mm 1143mm 1219mm
Primary Mirror Plate Glass Pyrex® Pyrex® Pyrex® Pyrex® N/A N/A
Viewfinder 6 x 30 8 x 50 8 x 50 8 x 50 8 x 50 8 x 50 8 x 50
Hand Controller Electronic AutoStar #497 AutoStar #497 AutoStar #497 AutoStar #497 AutoStar #497 AutoStar #497
UHTC Included Included Included Included Included Included Included
Price $799
$999 $1199 $1399 $1499 $999 $1199

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