Meade ETX Premier Edition Telescopes

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Meade have released two telescopes in the ETX premier Edition range, namely the ETX-90PE and ETX-125PE. The main difference between the two models is the aperture, 90mm for the 90PE and 127mm for the 125PE. Each model comes with either a blue tube or an 'astro' tube although this does not affect the price.

Whilst being an entry level range the ETX premier still sport some of the features of its bigger and more expensive brothers. These telescopes sport the AutoStar feature, which alows the user to simply push a button to observe a selected object once the telescope has been properly aligned.

The telescope is aligned with the use of the SmartFinder feature which uses known start positions and the user's location to adjust the telescope to allow the AutoStar feature to be used.


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  • AutoAlign
  • Electronic Level Sensor
  • Electronic Magnetic North Sensor
  • High Precision Internal Clock
  • AutoStar Controller
  • SmartFinder
Specifications ETX-90PE ETX-125PE
Optical Design Maksutov-Cassegrain
Aperture 90mm 127mm
Focal Ratio f/13.8 f/15
Focal Length 1250mm 1900mm
Price $699 $999

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