Meade LX80 Series

Meade LX80 Series

LX80 Details

There are five telescopes within the LX80 range from Meade, three Schmidt-Cassegrain and two Apochromatic Refractors. The Schmidt-Cassegrain reflectors come in three apertures, namely 6, 8 and 10 inches, whilst the refractors sport an 80mm and 115mm aperture respectively.

All the telescopes in the LX80 range come with the LX-80 Multi-Mount, AudioStar controller and a 26mm Series 4000 Super Plossl eyepiece.

The Meade LX80 Series offers the intermediate amateur astronomer a telescope system of outstanding quality and performance.

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  • Meade's legendary Schmidt-Cassegrain Optical System
  • Series 6000 ED Triplet APO Refractors
  • Coronado SolarMax II
  • LX80 Multi-mount
  • LX80 Tripod
Specifications 6" SC 8" SC 10" SC 80mm ED APO 115mm ED APO
Optical Design Schmidt-Cassegrain Apochromatic Refractor
Clear Aperture 6" 8" 10" 80mm 115mm
Focal Length Focal Ratio 1524mm f/10 2034mm f/10 2540mm f/10 480mm f/6 805mm f/7
Telescope Mounting LX80 Multi-Mount
Optical Coatings Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC) Fully Multi-Coated
Resolving Power 0.760 arcseconds 0.570 arcseconds 0.456 arcseconds 1.45 arcseconds 1.01 arcseconds
AutoStar Controller AudioStar
Viewfinder 8x50mm with cross-hair reticle None 8x50mm with cross-hair reticle
Eyepiece 26mm Series 4000 Super Plossl
Primary and Secondary Mirror Low-expansion borosilicate glass N/A
Correcting Plate/Lens Aspheric high-spectral transmission Borofloat glass from Schott AG Germany FPL53 extra-low dispersion glass
Optical Tube Aluminum
OTA Weight 13 lbs. 14.1 lbs. 29.5 lbs. 7.2 lbs. 17.5 lbs.
Price $1,199 $1,499 $1,999 $1,799 $2,799

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LX80 6 inch

LX80 8 inch

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